About AEP Systems Integration.

AEP SYSTEMS INTEGRATION INC. is a system integrator company focusses on implementation of Electronics, IT, Security, and Electrical System.

We are committed in providing complete design, supply and installation that integrates current and emerging technologies to deliver the perfect experience for our clients.

We maintain the philosophy of providing extra ordinary customer service and ''by any means" necessary anticipate and handle
the clients needs.

Established in 2019, we started as sole proprietorhip, under the name of AEP Electronics Installation Services, located in Iloilo, specializing in security and networking solutions as our core competence. Through the years, we continuously broadened our products and services to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers.

In 2021, we were incorporated and named AEP Systems Integration Inc. We grew from a mere 3 to now over 40 employees which clearly shows our steady growth over the
past 3 years even in the midst of pandemic.

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Our team at AEP Systems Integration is made up of experts in their field, who are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive success for our clients. We believe that the key to our success is our people and their commitment to delivering the highest quality services and products.

Our team members have a diverse range of backgrounds, including electrical engineering, software development, project management, and business strategy. This diversity allows us to bring a unique perspective to each project and find creative solutions to even the most complex challenges.

Together, our team is driven to make a difference in the world through technology and to help our clients succeed in a rapidly changing landscape. We take pride in our work and are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.


We believe that technology has the power to transform the world and that our role is to provide the tools and expertise that make that transformation a reality. Through our commitment to excellence and our dedication to our clients, we are determined to be the partner of choice for businesses looking to harness the power of technology to drive success.
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Our VISION is to become the industry leader and recognized as a solutions provider in the field of ICT, Security and Electrical Technology.
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Our MISSION is to offer high quality solutions that are cost effective and scalable with the aim to provide superior customer service and exceed the customers’ requirements.
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As a company, we value loyalty and integrity. We value our business relationships with our partners and clients. Our success is founded in innovation, excellent customer service and loyalty to the brands we carry.